Monday, February 12, 2018

Favorite Horse Products

We all have our favorite things, the products we can't imagine living without......For the horses, there are a number of brands, products, that I tend to go to over and over.

1) Essex Riding Shirts
There are so many cute shirts out there right now but my tried and true show shirt is Essex.  I have bought other brands but I always come back to Essex. I like the fit, the way they look. You can monogram the collar if you prefer (some of mine are monogrammed).  These do wear out after a few years' wear, but they are white.  Can't go wrong with a classic.

2) Baker Sheets
I love a classic and my horses have Baker sheets for cool summer nights, crisp fall days or for trailering.  

3) Rambo Blankets
I only buy Rambo blankets and I usually wait until they go on sale at the end of the season (like right now) or I wait for the fall when Dover offers $50 for a trade in on a new one.  This year I bought Sega a new mid-weight blanket to replace her 15 year-old one that was just done.  These blankets last forever, they don't usually rub and they also look good.  

4) Ariat Clothing
 Ariat is my "go-to" brand for casual clothing - vests, tops, sweaters.  They come out with the cutest stuff every season and my closet is full of vests, coats, sweaters, ice-fill shirts and warm shirts for cold weather riding. Who says you can't look good when you go to the barn?  It's reasonably priced and it's on sale right now!

5) The Ultimate Hoof Pick
I read about this a few months ago and one of these appeared in my Christmas stocking. This is just the best hook pick ever. Sounds stupid, I realize, but this makes picking out feet so easy. Is it worth the price when you can buy one for $4?  Yes!!!!

6) Wilker's Leg Wraps
This is the only brand I buy for cotton wraps.  They come in all sizes and they also last forever.  Use these for shipping, for wrapping after a hard workout.  They are the real deal.

7) Cordless Clippers
I use a set of cordless clippers to clip ears, around the face, the bridle path and feet.  This makes life so much easier, to clip a bit here and there to clean up a dirty horse or one that is not fully clipped.  I like these. They are not too loud but are heavy duty enough to get the job done.  Buy a few replacement blades to go with them.

8) Tredstep Boots
I recently bought a pair of Tredstep boots for everyday riding and they are so comfortable and stylish that I may wear them to show in too.  It's amazing how well boots fit today without having to go custom and these are priced well too.

9) Liniments
I use liniments to help cool down after a hard work out or as a brace.  It's a good idea to keep these around and I use different products.  These are the ones I like:

Smartpak is having a sale right now 20 percent off some items.  You shop Smartpak here.  Happy horse keeping!

1 comment:

  1. I prefer no bows to cotton wraps.
    I LOVE my Tredstep half chaps.
    My horse HATED liniment of any kind, no matter how diluted.

    I would add to your list Healthy Hair Care Moisturizer. I would have a bottle in my groom box, as well as add some to my fly spray too. Great stuff!


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