Monday, February 19, 2018

The Best Bathing Suits

The worst part of the summer season is having to try on bathing suits. Let's face it, none of us have the model body we'd like to have and well, when we put on a swim suit, all our flaws, our lumps, our untoned flesh, well, it's all out there.  We can run and hide in jeans and sweats but not in a swim suit.

Shopping for the perfect suit is a chore, but I do it in the confines of my own home.  Why present yourself to the world when you don't have to?

There are many stores out there that will let you order suits, ship them for free and ship them back for free. I did this a few years ago and bought the perfect suit at J Crew. I should have bought several but alas, my mistake.

One secret - learn what styles look good on you and stick with it.  I only wear a one-piece suit these days and backside coverage is important.

Net a Porter
There are some interesting suits on Net-a-Porter with free shipping and great customer service.  Once you shop here you'll understand.

I love this navy suit. This style is very forgiving and I love the back!

This suit is a little pricey but oh so cute!

If you can wear black and white, this DVF suit is so cute:

J Crew
I've had my eye on this suit which comes in navy or red and love the back.  I'd prefer straps but this one is so cute and different.  The horizontal top is my style.

This is the suit I have seen so far that I like the best for my body type although I am not in love with the colors. Navy is the best choice but I wish it came in some prettier colors. This may not work on someone with a large bust.

I love the color of this suit and the bow on the shoulder. I wonder if this would be comfortable.  But it's very pretty.

If you prefer a classic tank this one is adorable in the black and white check.


This suit has a love it or hate it review on the J Crew web site the color below is not to my liking but the white one with black ties or the navy one is really cute. Worth a try.
Tory Burch
Tory Burch suits are well-made and classic in styling but they can be expensive so I try to shop her on sale. This gingham suit comes in red or navy.  Very cute!

Trina Turk
Love the bright colors of Trina Turk's suits.  This one is so cute and I love the back of it.

I love all of these suits.  Don't wait until spring to shop as the good ones sell out quickly.  Happy hunting!  May you find the perfect suit.

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