Sunday, February 18, 2018

Derby Dressing

It's late February but it's not too late to plan for spring events like going to the races.  Whether you are planning a trip to Keeneland in April (yes) or even better, a trip to the Derby, or just a Derby party, give yourself plenty of time to find that special outfit.

I prefer to wear dresses unless the weather is horrible, then I revert to a Barbour Jacket and an Hermes scarf.  Luckily, the weather has been great for all of my trips to Keeneland so far.  But that coat fetish comes in handy as I almost always need a coat.

This gingham dress from Brooks Brothers is so classic and cute. It comes also in pale pink.  I'd pair it with a navy tweed coat and a pop of color with an Hermes scarf.

Add an Hermes scarf (buy from Poshmark) - a great source for gently used or even new Hermes scarves for a fraction of the price.

(Hermes Scarf)

Add a feminine coat just in case:



If you are a Medium, you might want to consider this new coat (with tags) for a bargain on Poshmark.  I love this look!

I also like this floral dropped waist dress which screams spring. It can also be paired with the navy coat for a more finished look. Those shoes are awful. This one needs the right hat too.

 Add this straw boater for a more finished look:

Or this one:

Sara Campbell dresses are so cute and I adore this cute black dress with a white collar. This would also work well for weddings and graduations.  Love the collar, the silk, the texture.

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