Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things

There are some things that you become accustomed to having in your life, your own essentials, so to speak. We all have them. These are the things that you use every day, or every season.  What are yours?  Here are some of mine:

1. Lafco Candles
I have several of these placed around the house and they are just the best candle.  They last forever and come in so many colors, fragrances, one for every room in the house.  It's hard to pick there are so many options.  See more here.

2. Christian Dior Mascara
I don't wear a lot of make-up but the one thing I use every day is this. I feel naked without my trusty Dior mascara.   See it here.
3. Dubarry Boots
In winter I wear these all the time.  I like the shorter model like the one shown below.  Some prefer the taller boots. They are warm, waterproof, stylish in a country sort of way.  See them here.

4. Belgian Loafers
These are the most comfortable shoes on the planet. I have a new pair for fall and cannot wait to wear them. And they last forever. See them here.
5. Monogrammed Stationary
People don't use snail mail anymore but I do.  I love personalized stationary, engraved is best.  There is something old fashioned about having your own monogrammed stationary.  I don't like stationary with your name on it, just the monogram. See it here.

6. Arcteryx Anything
After a few ski trips to the Canadian Rockies in January you learn what to wear.  Nothing is warmer than Arcteryx.  It beats Patagonia and Marmot hands down. North Face is not warm (ask me how I know).  I love this vest and wear it all winter.  It also comes in long sleeves which I also have and a hoody.  See it here.

7. A Good Handbag
Just like cheap shoes, a bad handbag cheapens everything else you wear.  Have at least one in brown and black. I have owned this Gucci model for 20 years and still going! See it here.

8. Linen Napkins
I rarely serve a meal without a cloth napkin.  There's something about having a linen napkin or a good quality cotton one when you dine. This is my favorite brand and they made tons of colors. See it here.
9. Erno Lazlo Normalizer
I use this as foundation and it's not heavy, greasy.  Jackie O used it, as did Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Hey, it worked for them.  No kidding, this stuff has a cult following and once you use it you'll definitely understand.  And it can be hard to come by.  Wonder if they are rationing it or it really is in that much demand.  See it here.


10. Marmot Rain Jacket
In the country you spend a lot of time outdoors, regardless of weather.  And the golden rule of horse showing is that if it can rain, it will.  Never go to a show without rain gear.  I love this jacket and it hangs in my mudroom or it's with me when I am showing.  This is my favorite. See it here.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Love them all, but especially the warm jacket as I have a North face :)

    Can you tell me how to pronounce "Dubarry"? Does it rhyme with "tub" or sound like "Dew"?? I have heard it both ways and wondered.

    Thanks, Pearce


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