Thursday, February 5, 2015

Horse Trailer Raffle

One of my friends is selling raffle tickets for a new horse trailer.  If you need a new one, here's your chance to get one if you win.
She is selling tickets for a raffle for a brand new PLATINUM COACH horse trailer.  Only 500 will be sold at @$100.  If you win you can choose the trailer (retail value: $24,895) or $15,000 cash.  Your choice!
The proceeds from this raffle will go to the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA and its ongoing improvements. 
Trailer facts:
20 year warranty, "Rumbar" flooring, saddle racks, bridle hooks, blanket bar, rear ramp, 2 escape doors, windows in rear curtain doors above ramp, window in the dressing room wall and the horse area, window in the dressing room door, 2 horse vents, camper vent in dressing room, lined and insulated horse area, interior and exterior lighting, rear and side loading lights, spare tire & wheel, trailer interior height 7'6", trailer width 7' (warmblood model).
The income from the sale of the tickets will go to the Virginia Horse Center and improvements there.  Good odds -- you have a 1 in 500 chance to win!  The contest ends when the 500 are sold.  To view updates on the raffle, see  If you already have a horse trailer, and win, you can choose the $15,000.
YOU CAN SEND ME A CHECK OR I CAN TELL YOU HOW YOU CAN CHARGE IT. For information contact my friend here:
If you have any questions about the trailer, my friend can put you in touch with the owner of Blue Ridge Trailers.

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