Sunday, February 8, 2015

What's Going On at Welly World?

For those equestrians who have the time and the money (it takes far more money than time), they head down to Wellington, FL for the "season" or Welly World as we like to call it. I've only been to the circus once (and it truly is a circus) without a horse, and it was an experience of immense proportions; that's all I'll say.  The New York Social Diary keeps us all informed on the latest and greatest over the winter and if you are truly into snobbery, back stabbing and vile, check out the site Horse Show Diva.  If you need a fix, and Downton Abbey isn't enough of a soap opera for you, try this instead.

1 comment:

  1. It sounds as if you don't go because of the snobbery..People go to these events just to be seen: some of them probably wouldn't know one end of a horse from another..

    I went to the diary: to be honest I would probably go just to observe...It does look like a whirlwind..But once in a while: why not?

    Love your blog!


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