Sunday, February 1, 2015

Citizen Cane

Cane furniture?  1970's? Maybe the 60's?  Is it coming back?  Did it ever really leave?  The answer depends on who you ask.

You see this stuff all over the place. The photos above are from where you can find many pieces of furniture with a cane history at all price points.  But you're seeing it now at hip joints like Wisteria, where this chair can be yours for around $1000. It's stylish and affordable.

 This one is from Anthro:

I like the look.  You can paint it a wild color if you want some additional flair.  But brown furniture isn't always dated, or ugly, or from your grandmother's attic. 


  1. Hi Anne,
    I'm so happy to hear that! I have a set of 8 chairs from Kriess with cane backs. I think they are from the 80's but they are in great shape. Love this look!
    The House of Hampton

  2. Cane furniture is a classic. It endures throughout the decades, with updating for different decorating styles. It's like a Chesterfield sofa: if you don't like all the tufting all over, you can update with a little of it or with a new fabric...but never, ever get rid of it..


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