Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Spring Picks

It's hard to think spring when there are snow storms in New England but our 65 degree "teaser" on Sunday was enough to get me to start imaging days with short sleeves.  And we all know the good stuff sells out quickly.

The coat fetish spans three seasons.....love this cute number from Ann Taylor.

This Trina Turk dress is so Missoni with a preppy twist.  Love it.

This dress from Lilly is so adorable.

And while this does not scream spring, it's a classic that everyone should have in their closet, TLBD:

This Kate Spade dress is so adorable.  Picture it with red flats, royal blue or even orange/pink.

And while we're on Kate Spade, what about this coat?

1 comment:

  1. I want that short hair cut on the last model!
    I had my hair short for so long, it was great for having hair that looked good, even after the helmet came off, and I didn't need a hair net either! But I get it cut about once a year, and it's so long now.. and since I wear glasses 24/7 now I'm not sure how short hair will look...
    Oh to be 20, or even 30 again!!!


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