Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Just Do It

Since the horses were boarded out in early December because of my arm surgery, I've been making an effort to stay fit. It's surprising how much energy it takes to muck stalls, move hay and feed bags that each weigh upwards of 40 pounds.  I've been a runner forever, I've never really quit running but since I am making an effort to run 4 days a week, the difference is notable. 

 I have little empathy for people who don't exercise, stay fit, make an effort to get out there and just do something everyday. If it's above 25 degrees I run outside.  The key is to have the right clothes and there's nothing wrong with looking good too, right?

 Nike is my vendor of choice. I run in tights, a long sleeve half zip and then I layer with my Acrteryx vest and jacket when it's windy and really cold.  Gloves, hat, and of course, the trusty iPod.

 I don't go that far anymore, under 4 miles, my marathon days are long gone. But it's enough to keep me fit, give me a decent workout and feel great.

Bought new shoes this winter too!

You know, you have to take care of yourself and running is my "fix" and it solves so many problems.  Just learn to do it, or something and learn to stick with it for long term good health.


  1. Hi -- Running is a must for me, probably more for mental health than physical at this point. Which nikes did you buy this year, and are you a fan? I have loved several pairs of nike pegasus over the past few years, but the newest edition is a departure from their old steady and I am back on the hunt for a lightweight, neutral footed shoe. Happy miles!

    1. I need cushioning so I went on the Nike web site and bought the most cushioned shoes I could and they were on sale! I only wear Nike shoes. Been there done that! Bought the Nike Air Zoom Structure 18. Not sure what all that means!

  2. Born and raised in Maryland now living in Los Angeles. wanting to move back to baltimore lately and was laughing with my husband saying how would I run in the cold! im so spoiled! love this post knowing you get out there in those temps. i know I'd love to do it too! Now my horse on the other hand might not like it so much...

    1. Heidi, we aren't running outside this week!


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