Friday, October 14, 2016

Blanton's Bourbon at Buffalo Trace

During our visit to Lexington, KY last week, we went to Buffalo Trace, one of the well-known Bourbon distillers in the region.  Buffalo Trace makes Blanton's, the bourbon with the jockey and horse on the stopper.  We were fortunate enough to be there on a day that they were bottling Blanton's Bourbon.  It's cool to see this.  If you aren't familiar with Blanton's, you can read a blog post from August 2015 about it here.

There are eight different horse stoppers (hint, you can buy them at the distillery for a few dollars a piece).  There is no pattern to which stoppers go on, they are pulled out and put on the bottles at random.

Each bottle is hand labeled, numbered and dated.

 I'm glad we got to see this and it was in keeping with our horsey weekend.  It fell between our visit to Winstar and our trip to Keeneland. Now I'll know where my bourbon was bottled.  Happy Friday!

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