Monday, October 24, 2016

The Horses Are Coming.....

To Washington, D.C. that is.  The election will take a back seat in downtown DC to the incredible Washington International Horse Show that starts tomorrow morning.  It's a real treat to see the horses perform inside the Verizon Center, not too far from the Hill.  You can buy your tickets here.

 Some of the horses will be stabled around the Verizon Center while others get to stay indoors.   They started arriving today.

 The President's Cup is Saturday night.  A great display of world class show jumping. 

If you can't make it you can still bid on silent auction items. See them here.


  1. Can you believe all the years I lived nearby I never took the time to go. Major regret.

    1. It's a real treat. One of my favorite horse shows. And that ring is so difficult to ride in. I remember getting up at 4 am to ride my horse in the ring there. Some fond memories for sure!


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