Wednesday, October 5, 2016

More Fall Must Haves

Rarely have I been as excited about the fall clothes as I am this year. For some reason I'm loving the styles, the colors, the looks.  So what am I seeing that I like so much? These are some things I'd love to add to my current closet for fall, to wear well into winter.

1) Cropped Velvet Jeans
There's nothing better than a pair of soft velvet or even velveteen jeans.  Jewel colors, pair with an off-white bulky sweater or a crisp white shirt.  Dress them up or down.  Cocktails or grocery shopping, they'll look great on any figure.  See them here.

2) Animal Jacket
We know that leopard is a neutral and I love this one!  See it here.

3) Vintage Tennis Shoes
This isn't really a winter item but these can go all year round.  See them here.

4) Mensware Shoe
These seem to be all the rage and I love it because I only wear very comfortable shoes.  See these here (and they come in black too).

5) Brown Bootie
Can you have too many pairs of brown booties?  I think not.  See these cuties here.

6) The Cape
Capes are not just for super heroes.  See this one here.

7) A Fun Dress
I love this dress and think it could be a fun, versatile winter or fall dress that could go to parties, dinner or even to a day function.  See it here. 

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