Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Hunt for Imperial Hunt Scene.

If you are a regular reader you understand the fascination and love for china and crystal, especially vintage. You may recall a post about the glassware, Imperial Hunt Scene, a few years ago.  You can read it here. You can also read about the glass company which was located in Cambridge, Ohio here.
You can see the pieces from the entire line here.

I ventured out yesterday with a dear friend to a glass show in Northern Virginia, and what a surprise it was for me to discover a treasure trove of the infamous Imperial Hunt Scene, made by the now-defunct Cambridge Glass Company.  It was a trifecta of sorts. I had never come across some of the pieces I saw yesterday.

The glass was only made for a handful of years so the supply was never large and it is still very hard to find.  This is the green color below with a gold etching from a pair of candlesticks.  You most often see it in green and pink (the pink is called peach-blo).

You also can find the pink and green stems which I also love.  Sometimes the pattern is in gold and other times it is only etched in the glass.

It is found also in clear and in black and gold which is much more rare.

 This color, the pinkish tint with the swirls is very rare. I've only seen this color twice.

The amber color is my least favorite but you don't see this often.  This is an ice pail and there there is also an ice bucket.  I have a pink ice bucket which a dealer friend found for me in Florida.

There are a few pieces from time-to-time on Etsy and Ebay.  This is for sale on Etsy right now but I find the prices can be a bit high.  I think the best place to find the glass is from a dealer who usually negotiates well on price.  You can see these candlesticks  here.

This tumbler is also for sale. See it here.  

There were three decanters yesterday at the show. I am showing two of them. The third was in green.  I can't tell you how rare it is to find one of these.

 This is a bowl that is used for flower arrangements.  It's hard to see it, but it would look lovely on a round table filled with greenery and white flowers.

 I've never seen this set before. The large round piece is for flowers like the green one above and this has the matching candlesticks.  This belongs in a museum!

 These are small parfait glasses. They are in a very rare color, Willow.  I had one of these already so I bought a second one so I have a pair.  The dealer told me that this was a custom order for a customer in New York.  It is interesting that I had one of these which I bought on Ebay about 15 years ago.  Now I have a set.  Wonder how many were in the group originally?  12 maybe?

 These are rare indeed.

 This was the piece de resistance yesterday. This vase is about 16 inches high.

And lastly another rarity, a Willow bridge set.  This is so adorabale, all in one piece.
I love seeing these treasures.  I wonder how many homes these glasses have lived in, how many dinner parties they've been a part of, after a long day's hunting in the country.


  1. I remember seeing your post about this glassware in the past. It is absolutely gorgeous... I would love to have just ONE piece of it! What did you wind up adding to your collection, besides the matching glass? It's really neat that you think the one you have is the brother to the new one!

  2. I bought two of the black goblets. I had never seen them anywhere other than the Cambridge Museum. I could have taken home a huge load on Saturday. Glad you appreciate this stuff too. Most people don't have that appreciation these days and once this stuff is gone, it's gone forever.


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