Sunday, October 16, 2016

More Vintage Equestrian From Etsy

With Etsy you no longer have to stalk antique stores, tag sales and estate sales to find the good old equestrian stuff.  While the thrill of finding that fantastic something for next-to-nothing at Goodwill or in a garage sale still excites, this way is so much easier and the selection is so much better.

These Hazel Atlas glasses and cocktail shaker are great.  Hazel Atlas was made starting in the 1940's and these are not common. They'll soothe your inner Mad Men, but will appeal to the horse lover for sure.  See them here.

More Hazel Atlas.  See it here. These are a real bargain at $22.

These are also cute and would add to a collection.  See them here.

More from Hazel Atlas.  See these here.

These are very unique.  Ships from France.  See them here.
Isn't this vintage tea towel funny?  See it here.

I love the really old stuff.  This tray is very unique, probably from the 20's.  See this here.

Happy Perusing!

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