Friday, September 13, 2013

Peace, Love and Malin + Goetz

I'm in love with Malin + Goetz, their products that is.  Try them and you will know why.  The founders are Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz.  Their backgrounds are incredible............

matthew malin. 

Matthew started his career in the Executive Training Program at Saks Fifth Avenue following university in 1991. After two years there, Matthew worked for three years as a cosmetic buyer at the privately owned Barneys New York. For the next five years, Matthew oversaw global distribution and sales development for the family operated Kiehl's. After Kiehl's sale to L'Oreal, Matthew accepted a position with Prada to develop and manage the Helmut Lang Parfums Division and licensing agreement with P&G. Two years later, Matthew and Andrew began developing a business plan for (Malin + Goetz).

andrew goetz.

For ten years preceding the launch of (MALIN+GOETZ), Andrew worked as Marketing Director for family owned Vitra, a Swiss-based design manufacturer. Andrew's responsibilities included finding and cultivating the architects and industrial designers whose careers Vitra is known to begin. Both the New York flagship (MALIN+GOETZ) architect and graphic team behind our packaging were organic extensions of previous collaborations and relationships. Utilizing his creative expertise for (MALIN+GOETZ), Andrew has also established himself as chef for a monthly dinner party that March 2006 Food & Wine Magazine call one of Manhattan's "best."
The Peppermint Shampoo is to die for.........  You can buy online at


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