Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Splendous Saratoga

I will admit I've never been to Saratoga Springs, NY but a trip is planned for next summer.  I imagine it must be like Middleburg (as in Virginia) but with race horses.  It's home to the famous race track, Skidmore College, and it is so quaint, so what's not to like?  There are the famous natural springs too (The Roosevelt Baths), lots of restaurants and old architecture and much history.....

I'll report back once I get there......


  1. Hi! I am so glad you are visiting my hometown. I no longer live right in the city but I do live in the vicinity on a small horse farm with OTTB's of course. No baseball hall of fame there, that's in Cooperstown, but the Racing Museum is there and it is a must see. There is nothing like strolling down Broadway on a warm summer evening. There is always something going on. Have a Wonderful time!

  2. I just caught up with your posts this month and am so pleased to see this one on Saratoga Springs. Like Debbie, I grew up nearby and started going to the race course as a young child. It is still one of my favorite places and I've never moved far - as a horsewoman, how could I not be there in the summer? It's a very special place, not quite like Middleburg (Saratoga Springs, as a city, is a good bit larger, but the countryside is very nearby), and certainly the track and horses are a very important part of the culture and economy of the community and surrounding region. It's worth noting that while the main 4-day racing season is from mid-July through Labor Day, thoroughbreds train at the nearby "Oklahoma" training track from mid-April through mid-November, so horses can be seen training in the mornings for six months of the year. Of course, there are many farms surrounding the region, as well as horse shows, etc. By the way, that fabulous Victorian home with the turret in your post is one of my favorites in town - it's the historic Batcheller Mansion Inn - a wonderful place to stay! If horses are the focus, you also might consider checking out the "other" very horsey community in the region in Old Chatham (about an hour southeast of Saratoga). A good bit smaller than Middleburg, but there are certain similarities - hunting, eventing, Pony Club, etc. in beautiful countryside. There are so many attractions in the area, I'm sure you'll enjoy the trip whenever you go!


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