Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Spring Escapes

Spring has sprung, the grass is green and on the farm in the spring, the work never stops (the downside to farm life). This is the time of the year that you wish you had time for a respite, an escape, just even a little free time.  So one can only dream right now.......

Dream Vacation:
The French Open with an extra week in Paris.  Going to the French is on my bucket list and I will get there one day.  Right now I'll settle for my annual trip to the Open in New York post-Labor Day.  I'd add at least a few days for a little shopping on the side.

My favorite way to wind down after a long day is a soothing soak in my tub with bath salts.  Right now, these are some of my favorites:

Stress Killer:
After all of these years, running is still the easiest way I've found to clean out the brain, gain new focus and just feel better.  Nothing else works for me.

When All Else Fails:
A great Chardonnay or Savignon Blanc.

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