Thursday, July 7, 2016

Beauty Bar

When you live a busy outdoor lifestyle, you don't have much time to "primp" and taking good care of your skin is critical.  The sun, wind, heat and humidity can wreck havoc.

In addition to a good floppy hat and lots of sunscreen, here are some other essentials that I've found that help keeping your skin happy and healthy, essentials for an active country lifestyle.

I love this moisturizer for day. It's light, not greasy and I use it every day except in the deep winter months when I use something a bit heavier.  See it here.

I also use an astringent, as it makes my face feel cleaner. When I get up early and have to run out to the barn I often just use an astringent to wake me up.  See this one here.

A foaming cleanser is a good "go to" product on busy days when time is of the essence.  I like this one.  See it here.  Ole Henriksen is one of my favorite beauty brands.

I also like this one. See it here.

Eye cream is a real must as you get older and I don't mind spending money on a good eye cream.  Like in face moisturizers, I don't like heavy ones, or gels.  I like this one, but admit I change brands in this category often.

This brand addresses dark circles, a constant problem for me.  See it here.

A good mask is a nice pick-me-up every week or so.  I tend to like mud masks.  See this one here.
This is one of my all-time favorite products.  I use this to clean my face every few days. Try it!  I promise you'll also become addicted.  See it here.

This time of year I don't like to use a heavy cream at night.  Sometimes I just use my day moisturizer again. But I like this one during warm weather.  See it here.
What's in your beauty bar?

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