Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Relics From Riding Past

If you are old enough, you'll remember what riding in the 1980's and 1990's was like.  I starting riding again the 90's so I cannot comment on what things were like way back when in the 80's but this great blog is so point.  See it here.

1) Needlepoint Belts
In my mind, these are still very much in style.  Some classics remain.

2) Fringe Chaps
Yes, I still have mine.  And I'll tell you a big secret.  Fringe chaps last FOREVER.  They never wear out if you take care of them and they are fabulous for riding in cold weather.

3) Paddock Boots
If you wear full chaps you need a pair or two of paddock boots.  They also last a long time if you buy good ones (not Ariat).  You can resole them, put new zippers in them and they will last you a decade.  And comfort? Of course.  Form follows function and a pair of good leather boots is still in style.

4) Barbour Jackets
Some of us still wear our "old" Barbour Jackets - the horror!  Well, until someone comes up with a better jacket for cold, damp weather, that lasts 20+ years, I'll keep wearing mine.  And these too will last you a few decades unlike today's wash, wear, fall apart clothing that is made in China and Vietnam.  You get what you pay for.

Did I miss anything?


  1. Hi I love your posts - and I agree about buying quality merchandise. I wasn't riding in the 80s but I do still have items of clothing from Junior House, Talbots, and Petite Sophisticate from the 1990s that have stood the test of time. I notice you say "not Ariat" for paddock boots. I love mine, but curious what brand you recommend? I have a small boot addiction.

  2. I can't wear Ariat paddock boots - they run too wide but I love their clothes. I have two pairs of Tucci paddock boots (expensive but worth it) and I wore out a pair of Hadfield's (I only wear zipper paddock boots by the way). My feet are narrow and most brands are too wide for me. I have a pair of Dehner's but they are very hit and miss on the sizing.


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