Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Wednesday Whats

What did we do before Target?   A bargain is a bargain.  I picked these up in black a few weeks ago and they look much more expensive and are also very comfortable. At this price, you can buy the brown ones too. See them here.

What happens when Bunny Williams quits writing decorating books?  We all will suffer.  You can buy her newest book hot off the press.  I can't wait to see it.  See it here.

What about the newest Target collaboration (where have they been?) with Vineyard Vines coming May 18th? Over 300 items!  Cannot wait.  Learn more about it here.

What is it about these bunny salt and pepper shakers that make them so darn cute?  And they're on sale.  See them here.

What is it about white jeans?  I wear mine year-round (if Vogue says it's okay then it must be okay). You can never have too many pairs.  These are my new favorites.

What is it about this necklace from Meg Carter that makes it so darn cute?  

What if every day were Saturday?

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