Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Horses and Shoes - Malone Souliers

If you could design fabulous shoes and be a world class equestrian, you might be Mary Alice Malone who co-founded Malone Souliers with Roy Luwolt in 2014.  While Malone departed the brand in 2018 for a few months and later returned, the shoe line is still pumping out luxury shoes that appeal to teenagers and grandmothers alike.  Sales seem to be skyrocketing but you can see why......

The shoes are expensive but can be found right now on sale at Net-a-Porter, Bergdorf's, Shopbop and other places, they are classic enough to be worn for years. I love the flats with the bows - perfect for dress up.

Keep on eye on this one - and the story is a good one. 

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