Monday, October 31, 2011

Hunt Night at Harrisburg

Fox hunting is a great sport but it takes a certain type of rider and horse.  You need to be bold, aggressive, fearless, not afraid to fall off and most of the people I know who hunt are "brave" and live life to its fullest.  That's not to say that there are fun horse show people, let's just say they are two different breeds.  Some people and a few rare horses are able to stradle both worlds. 

Some of the big horse shows have "hunt night" which is a great way to showcase the sport of fox hunting but also allowing for hunt riders to compete at some of the big shows.  Some of my friends from the Sewickley Hunt near Pittsburg competed at Harrisburg (Pennsylvania National) and did very well.  Catch some of the rides on the link below.

It is a great way to showcase hunting to those who may not be as familiar with it and it looks like those who competed along with their cheering sections had a grand time. This is Lucy, her mother is a very good friend and she is also an accomplished show rider, on her mother's horse. 

(Al Cook photo)

This is Diane (Mary Palmer's mom, who is in the video) and Joan (Lucy's mom). Both Diane and Joan are seasoned hunt members and ride to the hounds very often.  They came to cheer on the Sewickley team.

The three Sewickley riders pose: Ann, Mary Palmer (they are also sisters) and Lucy.

The three riders pose with trainer extraordinaire, Cindy, in front of their ribbons.  Wish I could have been there!  What fun!



  1. I am reading The Eighty Dollar Champion-I really am going to have to sign up for lessons.

  2. Hi Ann, May I please quote from this entry in your blog? See:


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