Thursday, December 1, 2011

J Crew Goes Country

I love J Crew and am thrilled to see their newest winter clothes being ideal for the "country folks."  Just proves that "country chic" is still, well, chic.

These boots are great and am seriously considering putting a pair of these under the tree for hubby.  Kind of like LL Bean meets Bass if you know what I mean.

These are great as well.

And they also included these for women!

I am partial to these:

And they also carry Barbour, which some of us have been wearing most of our lives.  These are indispensable on the farm and also look good in the city, which is tough to pull off. My  husband has this one, we added a small circular monogram on the left chest. 

This one is better in all kinds of weather.

And don't forget the ladies:

1 comment:

  1. J Crew just gets better, love that they are showing more of this classic country chic look...nicely done!


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