Friday, December 9, 2011

L.V. Harkness - Shop Til You Drop

If you're still searching for that perfect gift, go no further than your Mac or PC and log on to  If you have not discovered this emporium of lovely (read expensive) gifts, that no one else has, pull out your Visa card.  Based in Lexington, KY, this place is wonderful. Wish I lived near-by so I could have attended the cocktails with Carlton (Varney, that is) they hosted a few months back. 

Where do you begin?  The china?  Linens?  Stationary? Art?  Jewelry?  Needless to say, I am adding an extra day to my spring trip to Lexington, KY.   Here are few more gift ideas for Santa.

These sculptures are limited editions of 1000 by Daum, a French glassworks which began in 1878.  Very art nouveau.  I have not seen these before.  Lovely!

Need something a little less expensive?  Try this cookbook (which is not available on Amazon by the way).  This is great book if you love horse racing, tailgate parties, it is much more than a cookbook!

How about this pewter mint julep cup?  This would look great on your holiday dinner table with red placemats and Christmas china.

These laquer trays come in all kinds of horse disciplines.  Check the rest out on the web site.

And I have been looking at these handbags forever.  They come in many different styles, ribbon colors and of course I picked the one with the horse.  But there many different "logos" like frogs, crabs, etc.  Summery yes, timeless, yes.  Needed in my closet?  Yes!

These enameled boxes are always  safe bet. 

And as someone who still believes in writing hand-written notes, you can never have enough fine stationary.  This is from The Printery.  Yes, Santa, I will take a few boxes of these!

And the needlepoint pillow is a good back-up.  You can't have too many of these.  But I prefer to stitch my own!

Hope I have given you a few more ideas as we inch closer to December 25th!  Happy shopping!  Enjoy your Friday and hope it is spent in the country!

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