Thursday, April 16, 2015

Essentials - Seven That I Can't Live Without

Are there things in your life that you'd be lost without?  Your day wouldn't be complete without them?  I'm not referring to Truman or to Sega but instead to the little items that you need everyday?

Here's mine......

1) Christian Dior Mascara
I don't wear much make-up but I always put on mascara before I go out.  The only brand I use (after many years of trial and error) is Dior.  
2) Arc Teryx Vest
My coat fetish is well-documented but I have grown to love this vest that I bought at the end of the season one year for less than $100.  I wear this almost every day at home on the farm as a layer or a light cover.

3) Uggs Slippers
I have foot problems so having a comfortable shoe to wear around the house is key.  These are worn until it gets warm and then the sandals come out.

4) iPod
As a very long-time runner, I have always had music, recalling the days of the Sony Walkman for those of you old enough to know what that is.  I have had three iPods, now on number three and they keep getting smaller, lighter and more colorful.  My current one is an aqua blue.
5) My Saddle
In 2013 my then trainer convinced me to trade in one of my Butet saddles for a new one. I reluctantly agreed and now I have a Bruno DelGrange saddle that I adore.  I still have an old Butet for the rainy days but I must admit the trainer was spot on.  

6) Anything for the Bath
I soak in my tub many nights after a long day outside or running, riding or just to warm up. I love to add something now and then to soak the muscles, put an aroma in the air or just to enjoy. This is one of my favorites.

7) Dubarry Boots
I bought my first pair five years ago. A very wise investment indeed.  Love them!

What's on your list?


  1. I'm trying to decide on a new saddle and loved the Butet because of the custom order for flap length--would you still get a DelGrange if you had to make the decision again?


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