Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Young Guns

It's great to see young new talent, think Jordan Speith's impressive performance the past two days at Augusta in The Masters.  But the up-and-comers are making their mark in the horse world too.  Reed Kessler has set the world on fire, making the Olympic Show Jumping team at the ripe old age of 18 (a record) and continues to shine in the uber competitive world of show jumping, spending most of her time now in Europe.  Read more about Reed Kessler here.

 Lucy Davis is making her mark in the show jumping world, also competing in Europe.  She'll make her debut in the World Cup Finals to be held this year in Las Vegas (GO, if you can, it is fantastic). Read more about Lucy here.

Lillie Keenan, from New York City, is another one to watch. She also attends Harvard University.  Here is a link to an interview with her last summer.

(Lillie Keenan)
And if you follow the horse show world then you know all about young protegy Tori Colvin, whom I expect to see one day in the Olympics.  She has literally won everything there is to win in the hunters and she hasn't hit 18 yet so she's starting to shine in the Grand Prix ranks thanks to some very loyal supporters who have purchased horses for her to ride. Here's a link to an interview with her as well.

Expecting young Jordan Speith to be wearing green by late Sunday afternoon.  And hoping that the young guns of show jumping will make an imprint on the international stage in a few weeks in Las Vegas.  Enjoy this wonderful spring weekend!  Stay safe, ride well, but live better.

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