Friday, October 23, 2015


One thing my late father taught me was to give.  He was one of the most generous people I have ever known and he'd be proud to know that I am trying to give to others in need when I can....

I am reaching out to others in hopes that they might give too!  Let me start by saying that I do not know this lady.  I have never met her.  But Pam Hayden had a terrible stroke earlier this year while working at a horse show.  She ran a coffee trailer that followed the horse show circuit. 

Last spring while working at a horse show, she had a massive heart attack and then stroke, and her husband has been doing a terrific job of continuing to run the business while caring for Pam at the same time. Prior to the Coffee Design Trailer, Pam groomed for many top trainers, as well as being a wonderful horse show mom to her daughter for years. Pam has always been compassionate, caring and dedicated to both the horses and the horse show community. 

Many of us have wanted to do something to ease their burden. In speaking with Peter (her husband), one of his concerns is that their old Suburban will not last much longer. Trainer Stacey Schaefer has a connection with a dealership that has a used one we can get for them if we can raise enough money to buy it. The price is $28,000. Time is an issue because it's at a dealership.

I know everyone is stretched these days, but if you can find it in your heart to help Pam and Peter and give any amount toward the purchase price, it would be amazing!

We now have the banking info:
Pam Hayden Car Fund
PNC Bank
2338 Linglestown Rd
Harrisburg, PA 27110
Account # 5114268593
Account name: Robert & Michelle Barber
ABA# 031 000 053
Memo Line: Hayden Coffee Car

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  1. Offering an opinion...Your living room looks lovely so far and I will delight in the final reveal. I think you hung your picture just right! Most folks hang them way too high and group them with the wrong proportion for the setting. You might consider adding something columnar/triangular on either side of your fireplace painting to "increase" the volume of the painting, and consider adding some gilt or bronze wax rub to the beautiful painted chairs to 'soften' the contrast of the bright white which pops a bit much for most adult looks and takes the story of the room a bit too contemporary...opinions from an interior designer. The chair & pillow fabric are whimsical which keeps the look youthful and fun. Isn't it fun to let your creative energies bloom?!! Love your giving philosophy as it is wonderful to help others in need! Love your blog too!!


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