Monday, February 15, 2016

Virginia Under Seige - It's Getting Worse

On Friday, Dominion Power announced an alternative route to it's proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which will now be 30 miles longer, will impact an additional 250 landowners and will now go through one of the most beautiful counties in the state, Bath County.  Here is the newest map.  If you recall, the National Forest Service (bless them) told DP that they could not take this monstrosity over Cheat Mountain or through the George Washington National Forest (there is some sanity in our Federal Government and it's nice to learn that not everyone has been bought yet). The blue line shows the new route that will avoid these areas but will now dip down into Bath County (one of the most beautiful places on earth IMHO) and into the Deerfield Valley of Highland County (another gorgeous place, soon to be past tense).

It's interesting that this article (read it here) says that these costs (the $5.1B cost that Dominion will incur) will be passed on to consumers and that we really don't even need these pipelines as the gas they are transporting will likely be gone in less than 15 years. So let's get this right - we consumers will be paying for this monstrosity, then it will be defunct in 15 years, will destroy peoples' farms, take away their land or greatly devalue it, and will be a blight on our landscape for generations to come.  Sounds logical to me!  Greed is good! 

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