Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Zara Picks

When I'm in New York I often go to Zara. If you haven't shopped here it's worth the time as the prices are hard to beat and the quality IMHO is much better than H & M.  Zara is more stylish, often minimalist and the clothes run small so if you are hard to fit, it's a good source.  Here are some of my spring picks.

Love the color of this dress and you can do so many things with it pairing it with shoes, jewelry, a scarf.

This dress has that 70's vibe going on. 

Love the color of this coat. 
How clever is this informal coat with a contrasting hood?  You can do so many things with this one.
This red cotton coat is also adorable.  You can dress this up or down, with jeans, with dresses.  Love, love this one!
These black slipper shoes are also adorable.

These black flats are also versatile.

If you haven't tried Zara you should!

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