Friday, September 16, 2016

Ahhhhh Alfie

Horse showing has not been a priority around here this season - a busy schedule, many other commitments, maybe a bit of lack of interest too.  But we dusted off the riding boots, cleaned the show bridle and off we went this past weekend for two days, two separate shows, both very close to the farm.  Alfie had been very fit this year but a little maintenance a few weeks ago took him out of work, a trip to New York and now busy at work again.....

Day one we dropped down and showed at a lower fence height since we haven't jumped a course in two long months; and not to mention that the ground is like concrete. We are in terrible need of rain with none in sight this week.  But my black boy did not disappoint and we found our way around the ring nicely. He took could care of his adult rider.

Day two, we upped the ante, back to the bigger jumps and bigger competition.  Those college girls always give you a run for the money.  Alfie was stellar.  A little rider error here and there but we came home with tricolor number two.

I love my black boy and he remains the bi-polar horse that he is, either good or bad, never in between.  We'll try it again in two more weeks.  We'll try and finish up the season on a stellar note this year!

Happy Friday!

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