Thursday, September 1, 2016

US Hunter Breeding Championships and Young Horse Festival - East Coast

I had the pleasure of attending the USEF East Coast US Hunter Breeding Championships and Young Horse Festival this past weekend.  For those of you with young horses make plans to attend this great show next year. Great prizes, great judging and an overall fantastic show held at the Virginia Horse Center.

On the first day, there were breeding classes for horses and ponies and an amateur handler class.  There were under saddle classes for three, four and five year old horses and some jumping classes.

On the second day a pair of judges picked the Best Young Horse, for the East Coast, after a full day of classes.  The top horse was a Virginia-bred colt.  

 Here he is again. 
 On Wednesday, the same pair of judges traveled to the West Coast to judge the same set of classes with the horses from that part of the country.  The top horse was picked and then they determined which one, East or West was the very best.  Here is the West Coast winner. 

 There were lots of great prizes and awards. If you want to learn more about these championships you can read about it here.

The Virginia-bred horse was picked as the national champion.

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