Friday, January 13, 2017

Living for the Long Weekend

When my late father retired he called me one day and told me that now "Every day is Saturday" and "Every night is Friday night."  I always remember that and at least for the next few days I'll have all Saturdays and Friday nights. So what's in store?
1) Treadmill Shopping
In keeping with staying in shape, working out more regularly, we are turning the basement of our cabin into a gym.  A treadmill for me (who only wants to run) and an elyptical trainer for hubby (who wishes he could still run but can't).  So off we go to find our workout equipment. Cannot wait to be able to run on those dreary cold days and dark weekday nights.

2) The Aussie Open
Play starts on Monday.  Thank you Tennis Channel. Federer's back.  Nadal's back.  It should be great tennis for the next two weeks!

3) Our First Horse Show of the Year
Alfie and I are very rusty but we have jumped around a bit and had a few lessons this week so we are going to jump back into the show season on Sunday.  Not thinking a tri-color is in our future this weekend but we need to get started.  This is the first year in many years Alfie has not had the winter off.  I can't say that he is too happy about it.  We are working hard to get back into our program after a year of not being in one.

5) A Visit to Luray
We are headed to near-by Luray Caverns this weekend, we've never been.  A visit to the town of Luray, Virginia is also in order. I'll report back.

6) Curling Up With a Good Book
I am reading Michael Lewis' new book and am loving it. Curling up with a good book for a few hours is one of the best ways to relax and unwind.

7) NFL Playoffs
Yes, the Steelers are still in it.  Cannot wait to watch this weekend's games.

Seahawks vs. Falcons
Texans vs. Patriots
Steelers vs. Chiefs
Packers vs. Cowboys

8) Soup's On
At hubby's request, I am cooking soup, from The Inn at Little Washington Cookbook. It's Sweet Potato Soup but it doesn't taste at all like sweet potatoes. It's my favorite soup ever.  See the recipe here.


  1. My husband read the M. Lewis book. Loved it!!

  2. Gotta love our hometown Collegiate School alum, Russell Wilson! Go Seahawks!!


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