Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fall "To Do" List

Fall is in the air, the leaves are turning, the mornings in Virginia are brisk and cool.  It's a wonderful time of the year.  So what's on my "to do" list for the next 45 days?

1) Fall Cocktail Party
We are having a party soon so I am working on the menu, the guest list, decorating the cabin for the event.

2) Needlepoint Projects
Now that the days are little shorter, the mornings a lot colder, and the grass is not growing (we have not had much rain for many weeks), I have more time to stitch.  This is a new project, to go on an old stool in my bedroom. 

And I love this one for fall!


3) Books to Read
I want to read this book!

4) Fall Antique Shows
We went to a favorite show last weekend close-by and may venture to Northern Virginia in November for another show. 

5) Horse Clipping
Alfie must be clipped by month's end. But he loves being body clipped.  But he looks so chic clipped and ready to horse show!

6) Wardrobe Shopping
I have bought a few things to round out my fall wardrobe. Everything this season is navy!

7) Wine Tastings
There are so many vineyards in my area, I am trying to venture out once a month to a new one!

8) Christmas Planning
I try to get a lot of my shopping done so I can enjoy the holidays. We picked up my Christmas at LV Harkness in Lexington a few weeks ago.  More china!

Happy Tuesday and welcome Fall!


  1. I read the Bunny Mellon book - she was really petty and treated her children/grands really poorly. Saw her in whole different light, and I think the author meant to be even handed and kindly towards her. .
    -Linda, ny


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