Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's 70 degrees in Virginia today, spring fever, makes me want to shop for a new spring clothes.  The sad truth is that here on the farm, we rarely get dressed up to go anywhere other than dinner. The good news is that this lifestyle makes it easy on the pocketbook. You just don't need a ton of clothes and the clothes you need don't go out of style. 

Here's what a typical outfit might look like right now:

Loving this Barbour Flyweight Jacket that is perfect right now for spring and fall.  The bright orange lining adds a bit of zest to this otherwise stodgy jacket.  This one is somewhat fitted, shorter in length. Looks great with jeans.

You can never have too many polos, and no one does them better than Ralph.  Try this one on for size in a new spring color:

Love these timeless leather belts from Edgewood, the bridle manufacturer.  These last forever and you can wear them with anything. Just oil them to get them dark in color before you wear, nothing urks more than an untanned leather belt or bridle.

These boots are simply the greatest.  While you won't be wearing them in the heat of summer, they still work well for the wet spring months.  Comfortable, functional, warm, dry, and you can wear them most of the year.  I like these Dubarry boots better than the tall ones that you often see, as you can just slip them on.  Keep them in the mudroom for quick trips to the barn, the grocery, to find the dog.

Last but certainly not least, a bit of "jewerly" always makes the outfit.  Less is indeed more, and nothing is more timeless than this.  Hermes is always a good bet.

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  1. Love Edgewood belts! And just signed on as one of your followers - looking forward to more posts!
    xo Cathy


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