Monday, March 28, 2011

Peter-Blair Ties

If you have not discovered Peter-Blair ties, please take a peek. The owner, Dick Fowlkes, from Richmond, has a wonderful eye for color and is also an accomplished artist.  Peter-Blair is an iconic Richmond men's clothing store, known for their bright preppy colors.   Peter-Blair Ties is actually a separate company with an online store, but the ties are also sold at the store in Richmond.  They also create custom ties for companies, schools, race tracks (Keeneland), and non-profits.

I visited the store this past week and fell in love with some of his new ties. Take a peek:

This one fits in well down on the farm:

Looks a bit like this don't you think?

What about this one?  I love cows, even on a tie..............

And we can't forget the equestrian theme:

If ever in Richmond stop by the store (at Libbie and Grove) near St. Catherine's and there are lots of other fun shops near-by including J. McLaughlin, a needlepoint store, several home furnishings stores and great places to grab a quick bite. 


  1. Have always loved his ties and sense of humor! My favorites are his ties with puns like dog paddle, key lime. xo Cathy

  2. Love the store name (same name as my husband and daughter!), the exterior and that apple green cow tie!!!


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