Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Essex Shirts

There is only one shirt that I "show" in - Essex Classics.  But I am liking these shirts for casual wear these days with the new "wrap collar" that is lined in lovely silk around the neck and cuffs.  And the fact that they are Coolmax makes them even more appealing.  Some hunter riders still prefer the more traditional two button collar with matching choker.  I have worn this style casual before, under a blazer with an Hermes scarf wrapped around my waist as a belt.

Take a look at some of these shirts:

The Essex Performance "Florence" Wrap Collar Show Shirt is 100% CoolMax and features an Italian silk trim inside the collar and cuffs adding a fashionable flair.

I simply love this blue shirt with the Hermes type pattern in the collar and cuffs.  Smart Pak carries this one and you can buy it online in several colors.

Here is another pattern in white.  I tend to prefer white shirts over colors.

A dirty little secret:  Essex has an online outlet store and the prices are unbelieveable.  This lovely traditional "ratcatcher" below is a mere 76% off at the outlet.  Comes in my size too.  Ummmmm............

Here is one more from the Outlet.  Does anyone know the provenance of the term "ratcatcher"?  That is what these shirts are often called.


  1. Ohhh, now I see what you mean about the shopping in your area!! I'll be saving up for my trip ; )

  2. About where the term ratcatcher came from...I was told that it dated back to the Black Plague and the shirts the people wore to kill the rats carrying the plague. Apparently they wore high collared shirts to keep the fleas off of them.


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