Monday, June 13, 2011

Chuck Pinnell Leather

Horsey people love leather like some women love diamonds and furs.  It must be part of our DNA.  Take me to a tack store, not to the jewelry store!  Nothing gets better than Chuck Pinnell's leather work.  He is known for making half chaps, which are "chaps" that mold to your lower leg, making a "tall boot" with a pair of "paddock" boots.  I ride in half chaps in the warmer months, move to full chaps for the winter, but many people now ride in half chaps year round.

Here's a photo of Chuck.  He is based just outside of Charlottesville, VA in Crozet.  He attends some of the better horse shows (Hampton Classic, Capital Challenge and others).

Here's a photo of his workbench, where all the lovely stuff is made:

Take a look at what he can do.  It is amazing stuff, read also expensive. These are half chaps.  You can have them made any way you want.  Some have fringe like these. Leather comes in all colors, so you can be creative if you want.  Adding a monogram is always nice.

This is how they look on.  I wear mine with jeans and paddock boots:

These are some of the full chaps that he makes.  Think of cowboy, leather chaps, but much more sophisticated:

He also can finish your needlepoint belt.  These are some of the best looking ones that I have seen.  These will outlive all of us!

Chuck also offers other items, belts (more traditional, less horsey), wallets, hunting bags, and he can finish needlepoint pocket books.  Look at these belts:

You don't have to be "horsey" to like these!  Enjoy your Monday!


  1. Darn, you DO find the best-looking (extremely expensive) stuff around! I have heard of Mr. Pinnell and his half chaps but didn't know he did other leather crafting as well. That needlepoint belt with the pale alligator leather and horseshoe buckle is TO DIE FOR. If I had that I don't think I'd ever take it off. :)

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