Monday, June 20, 2011

Natural Bridge

If you have not ventured to see The Natural Bridge in Virginia, just off I-81 between Roanoke and Lexington, you should. It is a magical place (we went early on a weekday, so there was no one there) that was once owned by Thomas Jefferson.  He had a cabin on the property (it was torn down in the 1960's).  George Washington surveyed the area and you can see his initials carved in the stone even today.

It is open year round and it does not take long to see it.  Jefferson bought it in 1774 (along with 157 acres) and sold it in 1833. It remains in private hands to this day.  In 1998 it was designated a National Historic Landmark by the Department of the Interior.

 It is hard to describe hall tall it is.

It was about 10 am when these photos were taken, maybe a bit earlier.

It was a very hot day, high 90's.

Happy Monday!

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