Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hermes Blankets

Sheer indulgence.  An Hermes Avalon Blanket is nothing less.  At $2500 a pop, they don't come cheap, but it is a once in a lifetime purchase.  It is on my "wish list" and I can imagine what it would be like to cozy up to one of these on a cold winter's day. Sarah Jessica Parker looks pretty chic wrapped up in hers, but doesn't she always?

There are five colors on the Web site at the moment. Not sure which one I prefer.  Can I have one of each?

They just add to a room:

And this one is quite unique.  Must be vintage, made of silk, wool and cashmere:

 Enjoy your Tuesday and go Bruins!


  1. Instant elegance added when using one of these divine blankets!!
    PS Stop by doing an amazing giveaway for a gorgeous Kilim bench!

  2. Another homegrown option are Swan Island Blankets-also an investment, but well worth the price.


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