Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Entertaining at the Hampton Classic

The last big horse show of the summer, and one of the most prestigious ones, is the Hampton Classic.  The show is only a month away, and it marks the end of the "summer horse shows."  Hard to believe that we are almost in August.  Where has the summer gone? 

Horses come from all over but the biggest draw is not the equines but the social events.  It is one big party and if you want to do some real rubber necking, this is one of the best spots, at least in the horse show world.  New York converges on this little section of Long Island, at least for a few days. 

The horse show brings in more than 1500 horses, there are almost two acres of party tenting, five show rings, 70 shops and restaurants, all nestled in the farm fields of Bridgehampton. On the final Sunday there is a huge Grand Prix, where you can watch the best of the best in the jumper world. Too bad McLain Ward and Sapphire won't be around to win it again, but perhaps McLain has a horse ready to follow in the great chestnut mare's hoof steps.

There is a great event associated with the horse show in which you buy a table and decorate it.  The tables are amazing as you would expect.  As I love to entertain, it's interesting to see what the tables look like. Some have equine themes while others do not.  Take a peek at some of the tables from last year:

This is the Beach Acre Farm table.

Southampton Hospital Table

The Warren table

Wolffer Estates Table

Troffa/LaRosa Table


Kramer Table


Fendi (wouldn't you like to have one of those bags?)

Bloomberg Table (Gotham North is Georgina's stable)

Bridgehampton Florist (one of my favorites)

Cohn/Pevaroff Table

Leat Table

Nicolock Table

Hermes Table

Rocafellow Table

Puris/Topper Table

If you are in this neighborhood in late August please make your way to this fun locale. Enjoy the heat!

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  1. So enjoyed this!! I have been several times and it is indeed such a beautiful event full of beauty everywhere including these gorgeous tables!! The Bridgehampton table is my personal favorite, so pretty!!


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