Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shenandoah Valley Art - Betsy Morgan

There is a local gallery near my house that shows local and not so local artists but their paintings typically are scenes in the area.  We have a lot of cows around here, so often they are included (which I love).  These paintings are from Richmond-based Betsy Morgan. I like her work, don't have one of her paintings yet, but likely will find a spot for one somewhere, probably a cow. Take a peek.

This one is of my house, pre-renovation::

She attended Sweet Briar College, near Lynchburg, known for its equestrian program no less.

This one is called "Happy Hour":

This is where the cows will be today, in the "day spa":

This is my favorite, "You Go Your Way":

The hay fields here look like this right now:

Hope this cow finds a spot like this today:

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