Friday, July 8, 2011

The Rider's Closet

In August 2006, Georgina Bloomberg (daughter of Mayor Bloomberg and  a very accomplished Grand Prix rider) founded The Rider's Closet.  The program aims to making riding clothes (which are very expensive) more accessible to therapeutic riding programs, pony clubs, intercollegiate riding programs and riders who are in need.  The program accepts all lightly used riding gear then donates them.  All clothing and boots are accepted except helmets.

Due to her busy schedule, The Rider's Closet has partnered with Pegasus, based in Brewster, NY.  Pegasus is a therapeutic riding program.  You can request clothing via the Web site ( and you can also make donations via the site.  Recipients include many schools (Becker College, Bard College, University of Kentucky, U.S. Military Academy and many others), many therapeutic riding programs and pony clubs and over 250 individuals as of last November.  When you consider that a pair of cheap paddock boots are $75, a pair of riding pants $75 or more (in many cases over $200), you see that the costs add up very quickly.  And they wear out.  What a great idea to start something like this. 

Kudos to Georgina for giving back! 

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  1. The plan accept all lightly used riding cog then donates them. All clothing and boots are established except for helmets.


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