Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Equine Portraits - Jan Lukens

If you have that "special" equine then you've probably thought about having a portrait made of you and/or your horse.

I came across Jan Lukens about 15 years from an ad in the Chronicle of the Horse and immediately fell in love with his work.  My horse was injured and it was an ideal time to do a portrait.  He was living in CT at the time and he flew down to Maryland where I lived and spent a weekend with us.  We have stayed in touch ever since.

He has painted famous horses including Royal Kaliber (Chris Kappler's former Olympic mount), Hidden Creek's Perin (Margie Goldstein's Grand Prix horse), Galant du Surein (a Grand Prix dressage horse), and Gem Twist.

This is a pony I believe.

I prefer his paintings that include the owner:

Most are now done in oil:

The informal shots are wonderful.

Jan now lives in Greensboro, NC and he makes it to some of the larger shows like Upperville, WEF, Hampton Classic.

His paintings are typically large. 

Here is Jan with Chris Kappler:

Enjoy this last day of August.

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