Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacation Vacation, Part Two

We arrived home on Saturday in sweltering heat and while it was good to see the animals again, I must admit I miss being in Beaufort.  It was a fun vacation with my two sisters and their families.  We filled our days to the max.  Let me show you how we did it!

We skied.

 We ate.  We won at bingo.  William was the lucky winner!  He is on the far right.

The boys fished. 

And they fished some more:

They caught a fish that NO ONE could identify:

We spent time with very old friends. 

We sailed. 

We kyaked. 

We took scenic boat rides:

We enjoyed the beautiful scenary of the North Carolina coast:

We saw the wild ponies:

We even jumped off the end of the dock one windy afternoon:

We took family photos, formally.

And informally.

We went to the pool (before the "brown out" I will add):

If the world were a perfect place then I think we would all chose to spend every summer, together in Beaufort.  But unfortunately, it is not.  A week can just fly by when you are having so much fun.   Can we do it again next week?  Please?

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