Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stylish Equestrians

Seeing the upcoming cover of French Vogue made me think of women who have real style but also are avid equestrians.  For some, style and equines go hand in hand. 

The first person who comes to mind is Jackie Kennedy.  Even today, she still has it.  She looks good on and off a horse and she clearly loved riding to the hounds.  There are numerous photos out there of her riding with her children, to hounds in Virginia and New Jersey.  She was a good rider and clearly loved it.

Charlotte Casiraghi graces the cover of the new French Vogue.  As the daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco and the granddaughter of the late Princess Grace, she has style in her blood.  And she has a wardrobe to die over.  But she can also ride and Gucci has created an equestrian wardrobe for her.

She looks great in just about anything, but certainly looks at home in the saddle.

She is modeling those Gucci togs here:

Kelly Klein is also a very competent equestrian and looks good on her horse and off.  She has a farm in Wellington and can be seen riding at WEF every now and then.  She also has written a book about horses.  I believe this photo was taken at her farm in Florida.

(Elle Decor photo)

Who else would you put in this category? 


  1. I think Zara Phillips would fit in well here....not quite as beautiful as Charlotte but surely she would fit right in! Great post.......

  2. Love this post. A friend of mine from college lives and Florence and works for Gucci. She helped with the Gucci line for Charlotte and is also an avid equestrian. Thank goodness she is so cool or I would have to hate her for such a fab life :)

    You should check out her blog. It is pretty funny


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