Friday, July 6, 2012

Now and Then

Still wrestling with no power or water (Day 7).  So please bear with me!  Getting used to living in the dark, eating my meals out, getting a shower at the truck stop, and reading by flashlight. It would be easier if it weren't 98 degrees too!  This saga makes me appreciate our modern conveniences and also makes me realize that we all need to be more "green" - consume much less now that it's all but certain that global warming is indeed a threatening phenomena. 

How did our earlier ancestors survive?  No hot water, ever!  No lights, only candles.  Heat from a fire and certainly no A/C.  Bringing water in is no fun. I can attest to that!

I thought it would be fun to show you two photos I have. I don't know the exact dates but believe this photo below was taken around 1900. This is the old mill across the street from my house.  This is one of two standing mills in my county. There used to be 100 of these.  This is on the National Historic Register.  Sadly though, the current owners do not maintain it and the building suffered some damage in the recent storm.  It needs a lot of money to bring it up to where it should be. 

I took this photo this morning.  I can envision the coolest tavern here! 

Here is the outside of my house.  Took this today too.

Here is my house in 1902.  Since we renovated the house, it looks a lot like it did back then.  The road was right in front of the house back then.  The front part of the house, a  "two over two" is circa 1860's.  There are two rooms behind it that are 1830's. The porch on the new version we added.  There was a longer, very ugly porch that we took off.  We also took off a "tumor" window on the front left side (a bay window).  The roof line is the same.  We took off the old roof and put on a copper one. Took off the vinyl siding and added new wood. 

Speaking of green again, here is the tree that suffered the most damage in the storm. This is what it used to look like:


Stay safe, out of all storms' way, be green when you can. Conserve and treasure what we had and what our ancestors were all about. 

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