Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Social Spring

Sorry to be out of touch these past few days but we got hammered by the storm that hit the Mid-Atlantic late Friday night.  It was totally unexpected, blew for almost two hours, 70-90 mph winds.  It was unlike anything I have experienced.  Horses were out (no one was calling for a storm) but they are fine.   Lots of tree damage but the house and barns are all in tact.  Glad we had a chain saw with gas ready to go. 

We are without power and water and were told yesterday that it will likely be Monday before we will have it back.  Nine days in the heat is not how I expected to welcome July.  But it is the water that is so tough living without.  We have to haul it in for the animals.

We are fortunate in that there is a communal spring about 5 miles from our house.  So we make the trek daily to the spring.  In Georgetown, they have the "Social Safeway" - here in Rockbridge County we have the "Social Spring."

We have gotten so that we look forward to our daily visits, have met some great people.  We all have animals to take care of!  And the water is great.

Many people buy large water containers (we purchased a 350 gallon one yesterday).  Others have makeshift containers. This one came from a bakery company.

Not sure what we'd do without this spring.  It has saved us, the horses and the cows that are part of the county.  Natural disasters somehow bring us all together.  Think I'll miss the "Social Spring" once the water and lights are back on.  Enjoy your Tuesday.  Hope to be back in regular touch soon!

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  1. You want to know what to do without your spring? Buy a hand-pump for your well. The day may come when fallen trees lying in the road, illness, a broken truck, or some other issue prevents you from getting to the spring when the electricity is out. Good luck!


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