Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Logical Living

One of my good friends from my early horse show days has recently started a company devoted to sustainable living, Logical Living.  You can find Logical Living on Facebook here. 

She and her husband have been trying to live "green" for 8 years.  They studied the subject and tried to put greener practices into their daily routine. It is amazing how much energy we Americans waste.  The company started when she started to track their water, oil and electricity usage.  She wanted to compare from month-to-month how much they were using and if their efforts to "save" actually worked.

(Photo from Logical Living)

Tobi (the co-founder) has created an assessment you can take on the site so you can determine where you are w/r/t living green.  As you make small changes in your routine, you can re-take the assessment to see how you have improved your approach to living a more sustainable lifestyle.  Even baby steps help in the end.
Her company also offers links to "green" products you can buy - cleaning supplies, laundry bags, composters, etc. 

I purchased "green" laundry detergent.  No more Tide for me.  The one I bought does not have petroleum in it.  Who knew?  The laundry ball I bought will also save -  I will use it to wash without using detergent at all.
And you know those cute green products you can buy at Target for just a little bit more - Mrs. Meyers for one - I am only going to buy those from now on. 

And I compost!  My pit went in a few months ago and in a few short months my horse manure will be dirt. 

We all need to start thinking more green. Our planet cannot take our abuse.  An NPR story a few days ago interviewed the late Sally Ride.  She said that when she was in space looking down on our planet it occurred to her just how fragile it is.  From that point forward she became a conservationist and made an effort to instill those beliefs in young kids.  Good for her! 

Logical Living is the only direction we can take going forward. With global warming a reality hitting us every day, impending water shortages, drought, high oil prices and pollution, we all need to do our share. Start to save a bit every day.  Think about your actions. Do you need to run that washing machine every day?  Can you take one less trip to the mall ?  Do you need to eat red meat 5 days a week?   Eat vegan one night a week from now on.  Buy from you local farmer's market.  There are millions of ways to reduce.

Think green. Act  responsively.  Live logically!

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