Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chaos Chronicles and Gore Vidal

Seems like it's promotion week here at Horse Country Chic.  What's more fun than helping to promote books, web sites, blogs, especially if they are great.  Here it goes, Day Two.

I'm taking a writing course and one of my fellow writers (but let me clarify first that we are not in the same league or even galaxy) is Lian Dolan.  Lian is one of those talented people who has done some really cool stuff.  She has a great blog, a syndicated radio show, and a new book (2010) that should arrive today! Can't wait to read it. 

Check out her blog and her book.  I had to laugh when I read a few quips from her blog this morning. She is really funny (she is also a comedian and a television writer). Now we know where all the ideas for tv comedy come from - talented people like her!

Here is the link to her blog.

Here are a few outtakes from her Blog that I had to chuckle over:

 Day 5 and my No Internet discipline breaks down. Phelps. Gymnastics. Volleyball. I had to look…

but first…
Hat’s off to Zara Phillips, a Royal who can actually do something!

Now that the dressage is over, I can actually enjoy the equestrian events without the mocking comments from the men in my house.

My man Tim Ryan is doing the job on the eventing play-by-play and analyst Melanie Smith-Taylor adds to the high-mindedness with just the right amount of Locust Valley Lockjaw and a hyphen in her name.

The horses are so lovely, except that one. Oh, wait. That’s Camilla.

That rain poncho is the most flattering thing Camilla’s ever worn.

Loved the ‘jumps” on the cross country, like the mini Tower of London. I only wish Mr. Bean had been in the Tower.

Kidding. Calm down.

Also have to mention that Gore Vidal died.  I saw him speak a few years back.  Controversial man to be sure but what a fabulous writer.  He called it like he saw it and that made people really uncomfortable. We need more people like him.  Love this quote:

“Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half.”

― Gore Vidal...

RIP Mr. Vidal!

(AP Photo)

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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