Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beautiful Virginia Morning!

It is a lovely morning here in Virginia.  I took these photos this morning on my to the barn to feed the horses.  It's days like these that I treasure and say thank you for living in the most beautiful area in the world.

 Alfie and Sega taking in a few more bites before breakfast.

 Sporty is also enjoying the lush green grass. Aren't we lucky?

This is Sega's "dry lot" - where she will spend next spring when the spring "founder" grass comes out.  We've been doing some needed maintenance on a few of our outbuildings.

This is our much improved "chicken coop" that will now house lawn mowers, tractor attachments and maybe a truck.  New roof goes on soon.  You should have seen what this used to look like.

This is a building that houses an old set of scales that are used to weigh cows.  The storm in late June did some damage to it. We painted and patched the roof.

This is the end of our chicken coop. Room maybe for a tractor and a truck?  Not sure yet but we will fill it up.  

Enjoy your morning, wherever you are!

1 comment:

  1. YOur place is so wonderful, and everyone looks so happy. The views are spectacular! Love these cool Virginia mornings ( very dewy, aren't they?)
    Take care.


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